Bus riding

4 Jan

DC Striving just posted this piece about DC bus riders from The 42 I had to reblog it.

As many of you know, I am DC’s biggest Circulator fan. I rode the Circulator bus Circulated to work every day at my old job. I miss the bus drivers, who on many occaisions would find new routes to avoid traffic accidents and get their riders to work on time. The days that I would miss the Circulator and take the regular bus to work were just not the same. My new job is on the Circulator route but it’s only two stops and seems unnecessary, sadly.

All of The 42’s notes are completely on point, but really only for the non-Circulator buses. They are a whole other world. These are my favorites:

I Only Take Calls on the Bus – You only take cell phone calls on the bus. You are loud and at some point have to drop in a line like “Whaaat!?! Oh my gawwwwd, I was just in Prague.”
Driver’s Buddy – Most bus drivers really only want to talk to you if they know you or if you are asking a bus related question. You like to engage the driver in some irrelevant topic which they have no interest hearing or talking about. Usually a twisted take on local politics. Or sports. 

The Outside Seater – Obvious etiquette dictates that the first person to sit move to the seat closest to the window. But you refuse, standing your ground in the outside seat until the bus is literally full. Then, you may relent and move over the the empty inside seat. But only if glared at, asked to move or climbed over by another rider. Use of bags to cover the empty seat is a common tactic.

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