You know you love me

22 Sep

I was going to blog about Gossip Girl season three, but then Lizzo went ahead and took the words right out of my mouth fingers. I too was super excited about Good Girls Gone Bad playing when B walked in to the party.  The Serena dropping out of Brown story line was so predictable and stupid. The producers said last season that they had a creative way to keep her in the show and that was the best they could come up with? Lame. Also, Lizzo – I think Little J was on the treadmill this episode trying to burn off that apple she ate last week.

Gossip Girl

September 22, 2009 by lizzo83

A couple of quick notes about Gossip Girl tonight:

1.  On what planet would Blair Waldorf not know more details about her freshman dorm, including her roommate?  I had a letter from my allergy doctor that detailed why I couldn’t be in one of the non-air conditioned dorms, and I picked my roommate in advance.  No matter what, they send you a letter with which dorm you’ll be in, who your roommate will be, etc.

2.  Did you notice that Vanessa was immediately judgy towards Dan when he initially didn’t want to be friends with Georgina?  Vanessa sucks.

3.  I loved that they played “Good Girls Go Bad” – go Leighton!

4.  Chuck was right, Serena is a total trainwreck.  She’s a whiny rich girl and, if going to Brown didn’t mean she’d have to leave NY, I think we could all agree that she should get her butt to Rhode Island.  I hated when Serena sabotaged Chuck’s meeting, that made me sad.

5.  Where’s Little J?


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