Don’t call it a comeback

18 Jun

Ok, so I’ve been a little MIA lately. As in, I haven’t updated this puppy in several weeks. In my own defense, it’s been a crazy few weeks. So to both all of you who missed me, I apologize. I’m back.

Since I last wrote, I packed up my apartment in Durham, came to DC, went back to Durham for less than 24 hours, moved, and have been job searching.

Also, I went out in Northern Virginia. Twice. I think this deserves it’s own paragraph. Because both times were a-mazing. I have never been one to hide my distaste for the NoVa* (including blatantly telling friends who live there that I won’t visit them) so the notion of going twice in one weekend was a lot for me. Both nights were for a friend’s wedding (I should note was one of the most fun,beautiful weddings ever) so it’s not like this was some random excursion to Ballston. Which is good, because short of another friend getting married on a boat on a perfect evening in May, I don’t have to go back.

*I know that NoVa is responsible for Obama winning the state, and I fully appreciate this. But short of excellent GOTV operations, I am still not a fan.


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