28 Feb


Three great articles sent to me today by RZ:

Glamour magazine: The Serious Health Decision Women Aren’t Talking About Until Now and Eight Women Share Their Stories

What do these women have in common? They’ve all had an abortion—and so, say the statistics, have many women you know. Odds are they never said a word about it to you: Abortion is, in 2009, a topic relegated to political debates and picket lines. Whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice, now is the time for more openness and understanding.

Self magazine: Single, Pregnant and Panicked

Forget Jamie Lynn and Bristol. The new face of accidental pregnancy looks like…you. SELF unveils a survey explaining why so many smart women end up botching their birth control. Having sex? Keep reading.

And because Obama keeps the pro-choice dream alive: Obama set to undo ‘conscience’ ruling for health workers

The Obama administration moved on Friday to undo a last-minute Bush administration rule granting broad protections to health workers who refuse to take part in abortions or provide other health care that goes against their consciences.


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