Oscar night won out

23 Feb

I decided to stay true to my roots and watch the Oscars. I mean, what would DW and I have talked about all year if not? As soon as the red carpet started, I knew I had made the right choice. (Ok, I did flip back to the game a few times. Duke won so all is right with the world again) I turned on my tv to find Ryan Seacrest chatting with DH Miley. Perf. I’m not live blogging, but apparently my bf  Nate Silver over at fivethirtyeight.com is! (Thanks for the heads up MJ) Perez also has some great commentary. Most importantly, DW is live blogging. Here are some highlights:

7:26:  Ron Howard is the best child star ever.  Juliana just said she is depressed after looking at Natalie Portman.  Why?  Because her spray tan is better than yours

7:30:  Hey Mickey—it ain’t Labor Day.
Meryl is wearing a snuggie.

7:35:  Jessica Biel.  Seriously, you are talking on your cell phone on the red carpet?  You should be kissing the red carpet and thanking your lucky Justin Timberlake stars that you are there.

7:59:  Angie and Brad need to stop dissing Ryan.  Don’t they know that he runs Hollywood?

Could not agree more on Brad and Angelina. No one, I mean no one, disses Ryan. Also, Lance Black gave the best acceptance speech of all time.

More thoughts to come later (hopefully from DW!)


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