17 Feb

I went to Charlottesville this weekend to visit LHVC and had the best time. Catching up with L and MS was great of course, but the trip also had the added bonus of meeting their new pup Leon and discovering my new favorite store on earth, O’Suzannah. For reals. This place is a magical haven of paper goods, gifts, decorations, and anything else you can possibly imagine. It’s like the Paper Source on crack. Or Etsy come to life.

I did a quick search for it when I got home and found that they have a blog! It features some of the amazing goods from the store and fun stories about where everything is from. Hopefully they update frequently, or I’m going to be travelling to C-ville frequently for a fix. Which actually wouldn’t be so bad at all.

Side note: Walking around C-ville reminded me that, although I try to believe it, Durham is not a cute college town. It definitely has its perks (sorry WS, I’m not a total hater) but fun, funky college town it is not.


One Response to “O’suzannah!”

  1. LL February 18, 2009 at 3:05 pm #

    Durham is the bomb.

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