Battle for Tobacco Road

13 Feb

So, last night. Last night was a basketball game with a very very sad ending. After watching Duke lose to UNC last year (and the 2 before that) I thought it would be easier to take this year. Turns out, not so much. Last year’s game was an epic event in my life – prefaced by 4 days of camping out for a game we had tickets to, being in the second row behind the basket, and of course Rick coming in for the game. Right up until the last minute of the game, it was perfect.

This year was a little different. We were much more civilized in our lining up plans and still ended up with great standing spots. The first half of the game was without a doubt the most fun I’ve ever had at a sporting event. It was outta control hot in Cameron, my hate factor of Tyler was at an all time high, and the Devils were playing their hearts out.

Grad students lining up

Grad students lining up

Where is Tyler? He's right there!

Where is Tyler? He's right there!

And then things went down hill. I’d rather not re-live the memories of the second half, so instead I’m going to post the trailer for “Battle for Tobacco Road”, HBO’s documentary on the Duke-UNC rivalry airing February 23rd. Looks like a much happier way to view the rivalry. On to the ACC tournament!


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    […] Duke plays Wake Forest at 7:45 pm. The Oscars start at 8:00. A big ACC game and a chance for redemption at Cameron vs. let’s be honest, my favorite night of the year. […]

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