Happy birthday Molly!

28 Jan

Happy birthday to my wonderful friend. You’ve been so great at capturing some of the best moments of the last few years on Mollytics (and giving me more than deserving shout outs) that I figured it was about time I returned the favor. So, here we have my top five “molly moments” of the past 3 years. Enjoy!

5. Molly’s 27th bday. The crew (me, CK, DW) were all still in tact at the old job and decided it would be awesome to decorateĀ  molly’s cube with Beyonce pictures. There are few things in life that Molly dislikes more than Beyonce – maybe Pepsi products and Pittsburgh. Anywho, we had an awesome time covering wallpapering her cube with photographs, including inside desk drawers and under her keyboard. Seeing her reaction when she walked in was priceless.

4. Roe anniversary dinner, 2007. Molly and I were holding down the fort at the press check-in desk. We look up, and walking down the stairs in front of us was the incredible, amazing Murph-dog himself. The staffer assigned to him brought him over to meet us and to tell him about our adventures canvassing Bucks County for him. He was so unbelievably nice, and when Molly introduced herself, he said “oh, I have a god daughter named Molly.” She stood there, frozen, tears welling up in her eyes. And that became the day that Murph-dog named his god daughter after our very own molly j.

3. Molly’s second or third week of work (circa late August 2006). She came by my cube and said she was going to run a few errands in Farragut North. I offered to go with her to get out of the office for a bit. After a minute, I felt confident enough to fess up my real reason for wanting to go: the Vanity Fair with Suri’s debut was out. Molly looked at me and said that that was the errand she needed to run. That is when I knew we would be friends forever. This was confirmed by the next 30 minutes spent walking around Farragut in DC August heat, calling every Borders and CVS to see if they had the new VF. Molly prevailed, and shortly after we had it in our hands.

2. The infamous holiday party of 2006. CK, Molly and I decided we needed to have a holiday party. Since none of us had the space to host the event, we booked the Science Club and invited 100 of our closest friends. Two days before the party, we realized we’d never seen the space. We hiked over during lunch only to find the place closed during the day. Thankfully, it ended up being a perfect spot (and host to many other great celebrations in the years to come). We decided to treat our guests to some apps and bottles of wine for their arrivals. Hours later, the tab was still running. Molly, a few drinks in, started ordering a bottle of wine rather than a glass each round. The party wound down around 11:45 and we were left to settle the tab. Without looking it over, we left our tip and put it all on Molly’s card to pay her back later. Downstairs, Molly went to the ATM to find her account overdrawn. It was snowing and freezing but Molly was insistent on just waiting 15 minutes until midnight when our paychecks cleared. I gave her cash and put her in a cab home to end a truly awesome night. (Also of note – a week later when we finally looked at the tab we noticed that gratuity had indeed already been included).

And the number 1 moment:

1. The night before Election Day, 2006. Bucks County, PA. 1 am. We were wired from pre-election day excitement (and still in hysterics slash shock from the “what’s going on down there?” commercial) and couldn’t sleep in our nasty hotel room with mold in the bathroom. Late night chatter ensued and quickly turned to dicussion of our shared (who knew?!) favorite movie, Troop Beverly Hills. Two hours later, we were still awake, still in hysterics, reciting every line from the movie. Annie Herman boi-oi-oing. The next day would bring us a Red Feathers inspired canvass strategy, Britney’s divorce, oh and Democrats taking back Congress.


One Response to “Happy birthday Molly!”

  1. mollytics January 28, 2009 at 4:06 pm #

    Best. Birthday. Gift. Ever.

    xo xo, gossip girl

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