Trickling in

22 Jan

That is how my inauguration wrap ups will be delivered if this coma-like tiredness keeps up. It is going to take a week to recover from the weekend, but it was obviously more than worth it. In keeping with the service oriented theme of the weekend, I’m going to alternate the wrap ups between my experiences and  other heart warming stories we found along the way.

Since Usher clearly fits in the ‘my experiences’ category, this story I saw in Washingtonian last week is entirely less self-serving. I forgot to mention it then, but it’s one of my favorite of the inauguration season:

They’ve been baking 24 hours a day for two weeks. They’ve gone through 1,050 dozen eggs, 1,200 pounds of flour, and an incalculable amount of sugar. All of this in preparation for an inauguration giveaway of 20,000 brownies.

Real-estate executive, lawyer, and philanthropist Connie Milstein founded Connie’s Bakery in Mount Kisco, New York, four years ago to help low- and no-income New Yorkers get job training and earn a living wage. Each year, four people down on their luck are given the opportunity to spend a year as apprentices under Simeon Manber, former assistant pastry chef at Mario Batali’s flagship New York restaurant, Babbo. All profits from the bakery go to local charities.

Assistant pastry chef Jaimie Jeffrey was living in a homeless shelter without a job three years ago. But on Sunday, she’ll travel to Washington for the first time to witness Obama’s swearing-in and help distribute the truckload of packaged brownies. She says the program helped turn her life around and support her 11-year old daughter.

“I’m excited to be working for someone who supports Obama the way I do,” says Jeffrey, who cried at the news of his election. “It’s just surreal to me. I can’t believe it.”

And, cue the waterworks once again. Isn’t this just what the new administration is all about?

Also, how great is that brownie cutter?!



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