part 3

12 Jan

woooohoooo go Wake Forest! So glad to see UNC beaten once again.

But now back to the real show of the night. I have no idea the timing of these since they are on the dvr.

Alec Baldwin, fab. he is so awesome. and he didn’t list off everyone he’s ever known in his speech. good job.

OMG RENEE. I can’t even look at her. I have to fast forward.

Jesus, followed by a Paul Giamatti speech. Is this what I get for being pysched about UNC losing?

Ok, 30 rock won. all is right again. tracy morgan is amazing. best. acceptance speech. ever.

And tina fey wins. 30 rock is the best show on tv. yeah i said it. she also just topped tracy morgan’s speech.

Cecille B. DeMille award! My least favorite part of the night. Wait Speilberg is getting it? Shoot, I may have to watch. Or, maybe just the montage.

*sorry, but I’m skipping a lot of the awards here.

Best picture, musical or comedy. aren’t you supposed to have heard of these movies?

Yikes, cameron diaz. did you get dressed with drew?

oh kate again! so ador. and she forgot angelina. that is awesome.

WHAT? Mickey Rourke beat Sean Penn? This is some serious bs. i’m fast forwarding his speech in protest.

ok my dvr cut out. i think slumdog won. good job.

and this ends my first (and probably last) live blog. hope you enjoyed it!


One Response to “part 3”

  1. WRS January 13, 2009 at 2:27 am #

    Tracy’s was better, but mainly because I didn’t know what Tina was talking about. Can’t find Alec Baldwin’s anywhere…


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