part 2

12 Jan

8:30 eva mendes, too much going on with that dress. love the necklace though!

8:31 zac efron and hayden pane-something. how did they get an actual award to present? i’m pretty sure their combined age is 31. sweet, winner not there. moving on.

anna paquin won for something. wasn’t she the one who got an oscar at like, 8? oh, thank you announcer man. yes she was.

this also becomes the part of the night where i wait for someone to opt out of thanking every single person they have ever known during an acceptance speech. come on, someone? anyone?

8:39 the jonas brothers presening best animated feature. i’m sorry, i just don’t get them.

8:42 best actress in a comedy already? they are really front loading these awards. must be the economy.

who is this seriously emaciated woman? another handwritten speech. gross.

8:52 jake gyllenhaul, you are so cute. the end.

oh my god, drew barrymore! what the hell happened to you? wait, diddy was nominated? is this the grammys? paul giamatti. no thank you. rz – did you know he would be there?

love tom hanks. such a class act.

8:57 What? Phillip seymour hoffman is there too? please plesae do not tell me renee is there.

oh heath. so sad.

9:07 colin farrel makes a drug joke. kind of a funny one too.

9:09 maggie gyllenhaul looks like she is wearing a curtain. who has ever heard of these shows/movies? oh laura linney is cute. good job.

time to watch wake beat unc. thankfully the rest of the show will be viewed/blogged on dvr.


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