my first live blog

12 Jan

i am always so impressed and amused by live blogging of events (mostly the SOTU and awards shows by MJ and DW). since tonight is the start of awards show season, and my fav award show of all, i figured i’d try and live blog the golden globes. i should preface this with saying that i love awards shows. the clothes, the celebs. love ’em. when i lived in DC, the golden globes and oscars were two of my favorite nights of the year. we always had a big watch party for the oscars complete with ballots. ok, so i will stop rambling. here goes:

7:40 wow, how perfect. my first live blog and beyonce is talking to ryan seacrest. gross. sorry, that was for beyonce, not ryan (still kind of love him.)

7:42 jim and andy from the office. super cute, but too much hair gel.

7:48 anne hathaway walks by. can’t really see the dress, but i’m sadly not too confident since my annoyance with her is based 90% on a really bad dress she wore to an awards show 3 years ago.

7:50 diddy sean combs. seriously, this dude’s ego is unreal.

7:51 the piv! whoa, doesn’t look to be suffering from mercury poisoning. weird. shout out to chicago, which i appreciate. could have gone all the way and said hi to the north shore, but it’s ok.

7:52 megan fox. seriously, who is this chick? i just do not get it. she’s dating david silver though which is a plus.

8:01 the show starts! jlo is up first. omg she looks like an oscar. jesus, that is awful.

rz and my bff kate winslet wins the first award! she is so cute.oh kate, don’t bring a speech with you. possibly my biggest awards show pet peeve.

8:06 best song in a cartoon or something like that. please please please let DH miley win, just for the trainwreck that would ensue.

bruce springsteen won. that actually makes a lot more sense.

holy eff, what is wrong with mickey rourke?

8:14 announcing rumer willis as miss golden globe. so, so many things wrong with that sentence.

some dude from john adams beat the piv and neil patrick harris. weird.

i think this starts this part of the evening that i do not care about. time to check in on the Wake Forest-UNC game. go wake!


One Response to “my first live blog”

  1. RZ January 12, 2009 at 1:25 am #

    The Piv is nuts. Megan Fox is totally nuts. I heart Kate and Bruce

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