Dr. Mel Silver

8 Jan

vanessa and i waited in line for an hour and a half tonight, in the freezing rain, to get into the basketball game. we made it to the very front and they closed the line. it was awesome. ok, i’m over it.

so instead of dwelling, i thought it would be appropriate to write about one of my favorite parts of watching games in Cameron: Matthew Laurence – aka Mel Silver from 90210 (the original, obvi). I first discovered this news last fall when vanessa alerted me to a saturday morning special on Duke basketball. I heard a familiar voice, and lo and behold, it was Mel Silver talking about the team! He is the head announcer for Duke Radio Network.


listening to¬† the game on our drive home last weekend, v and i devised a plan to meet Mel at a game this season and have him sign our “donna martin graduates” t-shirt and season 1 dvds, respectively. it was actually the first time i’ve listened to a game on the radio and i felt very retro doing so. although, i did keep expecting after each call for Mel to fess up to Ms. Teasley that he was the one who supplied the champagne to the gang on prom night.


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