beyond guilty pleasure

21 Dec

As many of you know, I’ve been Bravo-free since mid-2007 (not by choice). Durham’s cable offerings don’t carry the channel. I was alerted to this fact by LL before leaving DC, but didn’t really believe her until I got there.

I digress. The wind chill is -20 today, so I’m clearly not leaving the house. The Rachel Zoe project was on Bravo this morning. I’ve heard about the show, but hadn’t seen it until today. All I knew about Rachel Zoe was that Perez hates her, she went to GW, and she is blamed for turning Hollywood anorexic. Turns out, the woman is a walking train wreck. She is insane, her husband is totally nuts, and her two assistants hate each other. What more could you possibly want? Oh, getting to see all the runway shows from NY Fashion Week? You get that too! And if that all wasn’t enough, her husband bought her the same car Dylan McKay drives in 90210!

This show is so, so far past being a guilty pleasure. But since Durham is getting Bravo in 2009 (thanks Dtx!) it will be hard to resist.


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