this may happen a lot

16 Dec

I’m sitting here watching president-elect Obama talk about his new education secretary, and I still got a little thrill when he entered the screen. He’s really our president? It’s still just so exciting, and I will probably say that a lot. I mentioned to CC and MJ last night that sometimes, at the end of a long, rough day, I watch the election night coverage from MSNBC (or MSDNC as it’s now called apparently) that I have on my dvr. I fast foward to 10:59 and just watch the first few minutes of when it all became real and it just makes the day a little better.

omg biden is on now too talking about his mom! love it.


One Response to “this may happen a lot”

  1. RZ December 16, 2008 at 9:01 pm #

    I heart mama Biden

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